an anatomy of order






Inspired by the lightness of Japanese designs and the depth and intensity of darker hues, these two opposite ends of a spectrum were brought together in this space, resulting in a pleasant and dynamic composition of differing elements.

Light and muted colours take centerstage in the living and kitchen area, bringing both light and a bout tranquility into the space. Using concrete vinyl for flooring and light wood with wood grains for their built-in cabinets, the entire area looks peacefully spacious, almost as if it came to a standstill. A linear plank sits across one side of the wall as a TV console and extends to a sitting area. Right behind this stands a tall blue feature wall which instantly enlivens and grounds this airy space with its presence.

Wood grains on the shoe cabinet are laid in a diagonal manner to create a subtle contrast to the polished environment. The display panel at the entrance is also slightly lited to complement the idea of a playful difference, with a clear mirror backing to create space within space.

The walls of the study room are hacked off and it sits on a raised platform with warm concealed lighting, elevating and illuminating the entire area around it. Encased in clear and frameless glass, the study room is almost a replica of a fishbowl, bestowing a calming and soothing effect for the one who enters.

Treading slowly into the master bedroom, the colour navy blue takes the limelight. Similar to the study space, the bed is elevated on a platform with concealed warm lighting – complementing the dark colours of the room.

The play on Yin and Yang hues strikes a balance within this household, allowing one to feel at peace and grounded in the midst of a busy world.