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‍‍‍A modern space carefully crafted to

bring out the beauty of history.






Timelessness transcends style, trend, and form. By creating a dialogue between simplicity and nature, the house seeks to achieve a sense of timeless living. To achieve serenity, we returned to the basics of materials and forms.

Dark wood veneer was selected for its natural shade. The neutral, earthy tones of accompanying materials selected to enhance the beauty of the veneer.  The settee at the foyer blends and transforms into a TV console. The planter box with veneer wall connects to the ceiling and leads to As avid collectors of antiques, the homeowners requested for something light and contemporary in order to complement the different artefacts which have been thoughtfully placed around the house.  

Upon stepping in, an antique ornate sideboard welcomes you to its humble abode. The cement screed walls gives the space a rustic, yet polished vibe. With white marble flooring laid out all the way to the living room, a touch of elegance is added to the overall design of the space. Taking inspiration from the square-shaped antique coffee table, hints of the colours and elements that are found on the coffee table were then used around the house – evidently on the colour and pattern choices of the cushion covers. The round pattern on the carpet right under the couch and coffee table breaks the harshness of the angled furniture and adds a hint of softness to that area.the master bedroom, highlighting again the relationship between nature and simplicity.

The modern set of dining table and chairs with brass furnishings is accompanied with a built-in bar counter located right beside it. The dark ornamental bar stools create a playful east-meets-west contrast, easily integrating itself with the dark frames of the bar, which helps to set a view when one looks into the open kitchen. The lightly patterned tiles in the kitchen creates a light contrast from the white marble tiles in the living area, subtly segregating the preparation space from the living room.

White subway tiles adorn the walls of the common bath area. Together with black marble tiles, this combination makes the restroom effortlessly chic.  In contrast to that, two different tiles were also used in the master toilet. Travertine marble tiles were used for the dry area, and tiles with huge calligraphy brush strokes adorn the walls of the shower space

Us‍‍‍ing the intricacy of the details on the various artefacts as feature pieces for the house, the minimalistic approach of the interior supplements and illuminates the artefacts. Also, as most of the antiques have a distinct oriental charm, the muted colour scheme of the interior allows these ornamental characteristics to flourish at its best.


‍‍‍‍‍‍01 DINING‍‍‍‍‍‍


‍‍‍03 STU‍‍‍DY


‍‍‍05 STORE‍‍‍




‍‍‍09 MASTER ‍‍‍BATH‍‍‍

eastern motif

east‍‍‍ side west‍‍‍ story










western style