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L + L

Deeply influenced by clean lines and lights, L+L is a 4-room HDB with a design that rivals even that of boutique hotels. With a style that is defined by sophistication and the simple yet bold use of colours and texture – evident in the classy brown, white, navy, and gold colour palette and touches of marble – it is easy to see why the homeowners regard it as a sanctuary meant for rest and relaxation.

Serving as a portal that transports the homeowners and guests into this private enclave is the dark wood front door. It opens up to the living room with a navy wall that seems to harness calming properties and a grey concrete vinyl flooring that goes perfectly with the deep blue of the wall. The light fixtures within this space are accented with touches of gold and the carpentry shares the same dark wood finishing as the front door, tying all the elements together in the most minimalistic manner. Pots of greenery are strategically placed in a way that subtly adds some life and contrast against the dark colours of the living room.

To create the illusion of a larger living room and a visual connection between two different spaces, part of the wall that connects the study and the living room was knocked down and replaced with a black frame and glass panels, allowing anybody in the study a clear view of the living room and vice versa. In the study sits a heavyweight table with a soft grey surface and various plants that neutralise the severity of the black frames.

The kitchen sits in a quiet corner of the house and boasts the same colour scheme of blue, brown, and white as the living room, complete with a marble countertop and marble tiles as the backsplash. It is also similarly accented with gold handles in areas to give it a hint of sophistication.

At the end of the hallway is where the master bedroom lies. The walk-in wardrobe stands right behind the door, decked out completely in dark wood – from the full length cupboard down to the vanity. The feature wall of the master bedroom is painted a lighter shade of blue to allow the homeowners to easily wind down after a long day. The bed rests on a raised platform that pays a little homage to Japanese culture while the loose pieces of furniture around the room echo the design of the living room, reemphasising the inspiration that this sophisticated haven was born out of.