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Playing on the client’s name, Nicholas, Niche House was created to reflect his heart and soul, as well as to provide a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a minimalist theme in mind, this cosy apartment strikes a fine balance between the use of black and light wood that helps reset the mind.

A black niche was embedded in the wall of the long foyer as a symbol of power and rejuvenation and also doubles as a resting place for the owner after his journey back home. Not only that, the strong colour contrast between the white oak walls and black niche makes for an incredibly memorable walkway, especially when it is the first thing you see upon entering the space.

Originally intended to be a small study room, the space near the main entrance was converted into an intimate dining area with a pitched ceiling and decked out in grey textured paint to form a feature wall. The surrounding black walls and the black timber guest room door both add to the sense of privacy of this quiet space while the soft lighting washes the area with a warm, inviting glow.

The most inviting room in the apartment, however, is without a doubt, the living area. With a vertical wall panel taking center stage, it creates the illusion of a higher ceiling and a more open, boundless space. The door to the master bedroom is replaced with the same vertical wall panel for a seamless look for when the door is shut. The space is decorated with a comfy brown leather sofa and a dark wood television console with black frames to tie in with the look of the entire apartment, and peppered with forest green plants to add some life and warmth.

Reiterating the theme of ‘niche’, a niche was included in the ceiling of the master bedroom as a means of accentuating the lighting and cosy mood of the room. The bed sits on a false platform that acts both as a storage space and to minimise the appearance of the size of the space for an even cosier ambience that vies that of even boutique hotels.

The guest room located on the opposite end of the house is but a more petite version of the master bedroom. With the same false platform and cosy ambience, but with a niche shelf that effectively hides away one’s personal belongings while still adhering to the concept of this Niche House.

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