In our world today, we always strive to achieve inspiring design but more often than not, we are gratified by functional needs and aesthetic fashion. As a result, communication of design ideas lack depth and richness. A space without a story is like an empty shell without its soul.

At ROOOT Studio, we believe that storytelling is the rooot of interior design. We begin with the exploration of an idea through the dialogues between you and us. We are guided by the narrative that not only addresses your needs but also creates meaningful experiences and fulfills your aspirations.

Like a skillful novelist, we develop the story and allow the space to take shape. We are deeply roooted in the intentionality of ideas and collection of personal experiences which progressively crystallises the design. This narrative approach intuitively serves as our “road map” to empower self-actualisation, connect unique ideas and meaningful experiences, and a humble attempt to achieve grandeur in spatial design.



The origin of ROOOT is derived from the word “root

Root (noun): refer to the fundamental or essential part.

It forms the basis of our belief that the essence of great spatial experience is having an on-going exchange between the idea and phenomena.

Having three ‘O’s in ROOOT underlines our commitment and ambition to create an Out Of Ordinary experience for our clients.

These three ‘O’s are connecting dots which represent the intentionality and realization of spatial design through the fundamental relationship between concept, form and space.


Three 'O's represent three objectives that are essential in our design approach.

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storytelling is the rooot of interior design






Fulfill the 'needs'' by crafting out usability of spaces to provide functional purposes.

Objective 1

Objective 2

Satisfy the 'wants' by providing an elegant look and feel to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Objective 3

Induce 'desires' through storytelling to create meaningful experiences.